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ansible -i hosts all -m debug -a "var=hostvars[inventory_hostname]". Once you are familiar with the ansible-playbook playbook/retrieve_hostname.yml --limit raspis. PLAY [Retrieve and show hostname...Ansible 2.8 - vmware_guest_custom_attribute_defs – Manage custom attributes definitions for virtual machine from VMWare . vmware_guest_custom_attribute_defs – Manage custom attributes definitions for virtual machine from VMWare

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Ansible expects a dictionary of groups (each group having a list of hosts, and group When you return a _meta dictionary in your inventory script, Ansible stores that data in its cache and doesn't call your...
Jun 11, 2015 · The following is an excerpt from Chapter 7 of Ansible for DevOps, a book on Ansible by Jeff Geerling.. Most infrastructure can be managed with a custom inventory file or an off-the-shelf cloud inventory script, but there are many situations where more control is needed. Ansible-CMDB is another amazing tool created by Ferry Boender. Now, imagine that you want to include a specific application version (Example VMware tool version ) in the HTML inventory file.

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Nov 14, 2016 · This Ansible playbook will help you automate the creation a Linux virtual machine in your VMware datacenter. My goal was to create something relatively simple which would demonstrate the Ansible + vsphere-guest tools quickly. After creating the VM, we will get the MAC address info to add into to Cobbler to do a netinstall of the…
Ansible Essentials Workshop Red Hat. What You Will Learn. Ansible is capable of handling many powerful automation tasks with the flexibility to adapt to many environments and workflows. With Ansible, users can very quickly get up and running to do real work. What is Ansible? / "The Ansible Way" How Ansible Works and its Key Components Currently with Ansible 1.8.4 you cannot spin up VM's using templates but that is added in 1.9 which I am doing this with Ansible 1.8.4 and connecting to vCenter 6.0 GA. I will be adding to this post as I...

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Aug 25, 2020 · Ansible 2.10(Ansible Base含む)から ansible_builtin_runtime が導入されました ansible_builtin_runtimeでは、モジュールなどのリダイレクト先が定義されており自動で Collectionsへのルーティングがされます そのため、定義されているモジュールなどはFQCNを省略して今まで ...
After VMware Workstation 7, we can expand the existing disks in the virtual machine easily in Graphical user interface. This guide shows how to extend and increase the disk size of a virtual hard disk on an...Jul 27, 2020 · And now something completely different. Recently, while working on a project, I had to come up with a way to automate Ubuntu Server 20.04 VM installations on vSphere. Utilizing Ubuntu's new autoinstall method together with some Ansible code I managed to get something up and running. Decent enough to share it with you. Overview The…

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Ansible Vault is a feature of ansible that allows you to keep sensitive data such as passwords or keys in encrypted files, rather than as plaintext in playbooks or roles. These vault files can then be distributed or placed in source control.
We are using ansible with the vmware_guest module, attempting to set customvalues with vSphere 6.5.In order for Ansible to manage your windows machines… $ ansible-playbook windows -i hosts playbook-install-firefox.yml# file: playbook-install-firefox.yml --- - name: test chocolatey with ansible...

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Automate it with Ansible! Set up a complete virtualization environment within a few minutes. Of course, Ansible can not automate all tasks, you need to set up a few things manually.
vmware_guest – Manages virtual machines in vCenter You are reading an unmaintained version of the Ansible documentation. Unmaintained Ansible versions can contain unfixed security vulnerabilities (CVE). Please upgrade to a maintained version. To deploy VMware guest using ansible a provision server is required from where ansible playbooks need to be executed.

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SmartOS Docs SmartOS as a VMware Guest.  Type to start searching. If you are using VMware Fusion 5 or newer on a system with Intel VT-x extensions such as a newer MacBook Pro, you can...
May 10, 2018 · With that done we can now use Ansible to interact with vSphere. The module I’ll be using in this post is called vmware_guest, which allows us to use Ansible to create virtual machines, deploy from template, power virtual machines on and off and modify, rename and remove virtual machines. Deploy VMware vSphere Virtual Machines with Ansible Example